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You choose your plan. We provide you with an affordable, instant, online home cleaning estimate. If you accept our online quote estimate, you can schedule your day to meet your cleaner when it is convenient for you. You will then receive an email of your submitted details which will show the cleaner’s arrival day and time. We may ring you to re-arrange dates if the cleaner isn’t available on the preferred date. Go to our ESTIMATES page now and calculate your fees.


Enjoy your clean home! On each sheduled cleaning day please... Make sure that your house is accessible safely for the cleaner. Before cleaner’s arrival, please clear all clutter for cleaner to work freely. Please let us know if there are any special attention areas otherwise we will carry out cleaning as per our sheduled list. Make cleaning products and materials available for us to use. Upon finish work please pay using our preferred method of direct banking. Banking details are on the invoice which will be left on the kitchen bench by the cleaner after cleaning. Alternatively, you may use our online Visa payment at Pay My Bill. If there are any changes in your sheduled days, please discuss with the cleaner before she leaves. See more details on FAQ page Cleaning Day: What happens? section. NOTE: In the event of supplying two cleaners on the same day, the total estimated time spent will be halved without any changes to the estimated total fee amount.


Payment on the day: At the end of each sheduled cleaning day please... View your invoice... Upon finished work, please pay using our preferred banking method or via online Visa payment at Pay My Bill. We care about your home and want to provide you with the best services. See more details on FAQ page