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Do I need to be there when you clean?

We ask that you meet with your Cleaner prior to the first clean, giving you the opportunity to communicate your requirements and show them your equipment and products. It is your choice whether you wish to be there while they are cleaning. Most of our clients are happy to leave us a key and an alarm code which is completely confidential and is stored safely and securely.

What happens on the Cleaning Day?

      • Sometimes cleaner show up and our clients have nothing for the cleaner to use. You know best what kind of cleaning products you want used in your home.
      • If you choose not to supply or use your own equipment, we can supply our own at an additional fee per visit. See pricing under Fees.
      • We do not sew on buttons, clean the wheels of your bike, scrub out your mailbox, or pull out the refrigerator in order to clean behind it.
      • If your house is a disorganised mess, it makes it harder for us to clean. Please pick up toys, piles of papers, and clutter from surfaces so that cleaners can actually get to them.
      • Please write a list of the things you would like the cleaner to do. Along with verbal instructions, this will ensure cleaner won’t forget anything.
      • Pick your clothes up off the floor, get your dishes out of the sink, and clean up your kids’ toys. Your house will end up a lot cleaner.
      • We really appriciate this.

Can you explain your pricing?

Sure. Click here to visit our PRICING PAGE. You can also get instant estimate (Click Here) online.


There are no up front fees when booking a cleaning service. Payment options are visa or bank transfer (with a screen shot receipt), paid directly on our website at  Pay My Bill. A tax invoice will be provided to you after payment is received.


How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on an hourly rate and depends on the cleaning package, starting from minimum rate of $64-$77 for the first 2 hours then $24/hour there after.


  • Minimum of 2 hours per appointment
  • $64 first 2 hours
  • $24/hour there after


  • Minimum of 2 hours per appointment
  • $67 first 2 hours
  • $24/hour there after


  • Minimum of 2 hours per appointment
  • $77 first 2 hours
  • $24/hour there after


  • Starting from $150 with selectable options.


  • Starting from $190 with selectable options.

ADD-ONS/EXTRAS  with any package (See Estimates page for pricing)

  • Change bed sheets
  • Change bunk-bed sheets
  • Vacuum Upholstery
  • Wipe Rangehood Exterior
  • Oven Clean
  • 1 x Inside Fridge Clean
  • Cleaner Supplies & Equipment
  • Drop-off/pick up keys

How long will it take to allocate my cleaner?

We will try to allocate our cleaner to your preferred cleaning day. Typically we commence service within 2 to 3 working days.

Can I specify the day my cleaner comes?

Yes, you can. This may take a few days to organise depending on availability of either of us.  Please let us know should you need to make any changes.

You can find the full process on How It Works page.

Does the service continue if my cleaner goes on holiday?

Yes, if you need it to. We are committed to providing continuity and we will make sure you get temporary replacement.

Will I get the same cleaner every time?

Depending on the cleaning package you chose you will usually get the same cleaner every time.

Do you bring supplies?

We don’t supply cleaning products by default.

Residential cleaning – for personal and hygiene reasons your Cleaner will use your products and equipment. Your Cleaners will be happy to advise you when you will need to replenish the products.

There’s a list below under “Do you have a Cleaning Supplies Checklist” suggested similar products you may purchase locally. If you require All About Home Cleaners to bring products, please let the cleaner know at the first meeting.

There is an additional fee applied if  you want the cleaner to bring cleaning products and equipment. Please see fees on our Estimates page under Optional Extras.

My space is especially messy. What should I do?

Not a problem, you can add additional time to your turnover service at our regular per hourly rate . This can be done via direct phone contact, where you can also tell us specific instructions and tasks you’d like completed. Bear in mind that we do not tidy or clear clutter.

Do you have a Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Cleaning Business Supplies Checklist

Cleaning bucket (with 2 dividers to keep supplies in)

Disinfectant cleaner

Glass cleaner

Soap scum remover

Chemical trigger sprayers

3M light duty scrub pads and holder

Microfibre scrub pads (for bathroom and kitchen sinks)


Mini grout brush (for showers)

Plastic scrapers (to scrape hard to remove gunk on counters or floors)

Cleaning apron

Color-coded microfibre cloths (for bathrooms and kitchen)

Microfibre heavy-duty waffle cloths (for shower walls and tubs)

Microfibre damp dusting cloths

Premium microfibre glass cloths

Toilet bowl brush (I ask the customer to provide one, or use disposables)

Powder Bon-Ami (for shower and tub bottoms)

Pumice stone stick (for toilet rings)

Vacuum cleaner for carpets (we recommend either a proteam backpack or oreck upright)

Vacuum cleaner for hard floors (we recommend either a proteam backpack, handheld oreck, or a two-speed oreck upright)

Microfibre mop

Microfibre wet mop pads

Microfibre dust mop pads

Ph neutral floor cleaner

Microfibre short duster

Microfibre long duster

Microfibre dust mitt

Knee pads

Laundry bags to carry clean and dirty rags

Shoe covers

Disposable nitrile cleaning gloves

Note: Please make sure your vacuum cleaner and all the attachements are in good working order and have spare bags if it uses bags. If you are unable to supply most of those in the above list then we can work with what you have or alternatively we can use our own product and equipment at an additional fee as per Estimates fee listing per visit.

What’s the best way to handle linen/towel changes?

We suggest you have spare sets on hand. That way, your All About Home cleaner can quickly change the bed/towels with fresh ones, ensuring you don’t exceed your allotted time.

We do all this …

Clean mirror
Remove cob web (within reach)
Dust and wipe down furniture
Dust and wipe down cabinet/Shelves
Dust electronics except TV screen
Dust and wipe window sills
Dust and wipe skirting boards
Dust ceiling fan (within reach)
Vacuum and mop floors

Remove cob webs (within reach)
Wipe down exterior oven, microwave, dish washer and refrigerator
Wipe off bench tops
Wipe down cabinet fronts
Spot clean cabinet fronts and knobs
Clean storage drawers exterior
Dust and wipe shelves/top shelves
Clean and shine sink and tap
Clean sink, taps & splashbacks
Clean oven front, hotplates
Dust and wipe tables and chairs
Dust and wipe skirting board
Dust and wipe window sills
Empty bins and replace liners
Vacuum and mop floors

Remove cob web (within reach)
Dust and wipe lamp/lampshade
Dust picture frames/furniture
Dust and wipe bed head
Change bed sheets/pillow cases master bedroom*
Dust and wipe bedsides tables
Dust and wipe window sills
Dust and wipe skirting boards
Dust ceiling fan (within reach)
Empty bins and replace liners
Clean mirror wardrobe/dressing table
Vacuum and mop floor

Remove cob web (within reach)
Clean and disinfect toilet
Clean and shine tap and sink
Clean mirror
Wipe down counter top, splash backs, shelves and outside cabinet
Clean bath tub
Clean shower screens, wall and floor
Dust and wipe window sills
Dust and wipe skirting board
Empty bins and replace liners
Vacuum and mop floors

Remove cob web
Dust and wipe down counter top, cabinet fronts
Clean sink
Vacuum and mop floor


Changing single-bed bedsheets/pillow cases & doona
Changing bunk bed (2 single beds on top of each other) sheets
Vacuum upholstered furniture
Wipe down exterior range hood
Inside oven clean
Inside Fridge (not frozen food section)
Cleaner supplies and equipment
Drop-off/Pickup Keys (within 5km range)

* For pricing please refer to our ESTIMATE page
We recommend you have clean sheets/towels for us to swap.

We don’t do any of these …

Please note that due to health, security and hazardous risks as such, the following tasks/requests cannot be fulfilled

The following are not included in our services

Clean/wipe TV screens
Internal oven cleaning (Optional Extra)
Dish washer loading/washing
Dryer loading/drying
Hand washing
Hanging clothes on washing line
Cleaning interior of any large appliances
Change bulk or neon light or skylight
Cleaning of window blinds and ceiling fans
Cleaning of ceilings, windows and any other surfaces outside of normal reach
Window glasses/screens
Cleaning of deep stains, pet messes and other heavy soilings
Cleaning pet litter or any other faeces excrements
Leaving the premises for any type of errand (this includes going to cafés, laundry facilities, and any other area outside of the building being serviced)
Taking inventory of items or taking photographs of the space for any purpose
Meeting guests for key exchanges
Cleaning tasks/duties not performed inaccessible areas
Mould removal
Fly Screens/doors
Inside cabinets
Inside rubbish bin/trash can
Wardrobe, storage, drawers
Steam cleaning and/or carpet cleaning
Lifting/moving heavy items (such as furniture or white goods)
Cleaning of chandeliers
Cleaning or maintenance of outside areas such as garages, patios, decks, pool area and gardens
Cleaning of exteriors, including walls and windows
Climbing heights above 2 metres without a step ladder
Move/handle personal accessories such as like jewellery, perfume or collectables
Tidying clutter or mess

We recommend you have clean sheets/towels for us to swap.

*Vacuum is not part of the supplied equipment

Where are you located?

We are located in Gold Coast.

Do you guarantee the service?

We guarantee the quality of our service on the proviso that there is enough time allocated for the Cleaner to properly complete the job and that the job requirements were accurately communicated in the first instance.

Can I read your full terms of business?

Yes, of course. Our full terms of business can be found HERE.