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Earn attractive payout, paid every two weeks directly to your bank account.

Are you ready to start?
Earn attractive payout, paid every two weeks directly to your bank account. We are urgently looking for flexible Independent Cleaning Contractor Professionals, due to increase in client inquiries in Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Are you looking for Domestic Cleaning Contracts? If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.
Who are we looking for?
We want motivated and skilled Independent Cleaning Contractor Professionals with a desire to work in the cleaning service, who are able to carry out cleaning tasks. Experience not essential. Normal household duties including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen & bathroom clean. Are you reliable, trustworthy motivated and hardworking ?
What opportunities are there?
Our independent cleaning contractors choose the hours and days that suits them. We always offer additional work opportunities to our current operatives – so there is always opportunity to take on additional positions as they arise. We look after our clients and we look after our cleaning professionals in a way that rewards us in both reputation and growth. We will also offer you any support you require to resolve any issues you may encounter.
What are the benefits?
Guaranteed online payments directly to your bank account. Flexibility to work to a schedule that suits your business. Earn $25 per hour from the get-go. Earn more from the options client wish to add to your booking on the day.
Basic requirements you'll need.
A full Australian QLD driving license,ABN and access to a car are essential. The suitable candidate should be well organised and have the ability to communicate in English well with all clients and ourselves. Our self employed Cleaning Contractor position process requires an in-depth background investigation verifying clear criminal history.
What should I do next?
If you are happy to liaise and work directly with clients and you have availability to take on more clients, please get in touch. Let us bring the jobs to you; no catches, no contracts, no ongoing fees. If you are you willing to proceed with this application, simply click "FILL OUT APPLICATION" button to proceed with your application to register. Please select "FILL OUT APPLICATION"


What if the client asks extra tasks not on the order?

Answer: You should only do tasks that are on the checklist and confirmation email. Only if you have time left at the end of a clean can you do extra tasks not on these lists. Call AAHC for advice and we will explain to the client.

If a customer cancels - do I still get paid?

Answer: If a customer cancels the job, there is no payment.

I’m sick need to cancel jobs, will I be charged?

Answer: Unless you provide us with a medical certificate, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50 for each customer cancelled within 24 hours of the job.

I damaged something during the clean - What do I do?

Answer: Take a picture and email it to us at then call the office for advice

I can’t make my sheduled jobs today, what do I do?

Answer: CALL or SMS 0490221978 as soon as you are aware that you cannot work – Cancellations fees may apply

What equipment do I bring to each job?

  •       Kitchen spray & wipes
  •       Bathroom spray & wipes wipes
  •       Microfiber wipes & sponges
  •       Mirror/ glass product – duster/ cloth
  •       Dusting product – duster/ cloth
  •       Hard floor product
  •       Wooden floor product
  •       Vacuum + mop 
  •       A towel

All the cleaning materials and the equipment you purchase and use may be tax deductable. Please consult with your Tax Agent

Will customer provide cleaning equipment & products?

All general cleaning products listed should be supplied by the house owner.

  • Spray wipes and cloths
  • Equipment – vacuum cleaner &
  • Mop & bucket

Sometimes customer supplied materials may be too old or outdated. You may have to charge optional products if customer don’t meet the essential requirements for the job. Please explain to the customer all the optional charges before you use the products and make sure that customer gives you clear go a head before you start.

In most cases we ask cleaners to bring enough products and materials without a charge to do the job if this problem occurs for the first time.